French Language Learning Resources

French Language Learning Resources


One of the best methods to improve your French is to listen a lot. It can be anything – podcasts, TV, the news, or even YouTube videos in French. Choose whatever you like! Here are my favorite listening resources:


Podcasts are really great option to improve your language skills when you are busy. You can listen anywhere – on your way to work, while waiting in the queue or during some other boring activities.


A podcast prepared by a native French speaker – Hugo, based in Warsaw, Poland. In each episode, he presents various topics related to everyday life, culture, politics, language learning…you name it, and he does it in an appealing way. I simply love it!

Français authentique

Johan has created his podcast to help people speak French without fear. The content is more focused on the language, and in every episode, Johan explains useful French expressions. If your goal is to broaden your vocabulary – it will be a great choice.

Français avec Pierre

Pierre’s podcast is also focused on the French language. With each episode, you can learn new French words, expressions, grammatical structures, etc. Pierre explains everything in a simple, comprehensive way.


FRANCE24 – a French TV channel

Watching the news in French can also be a way to improve your listening skills. You can work on your comprehension while learning about recent events around the world at the same time.


Who doesn’t like to spend hours watching YouTube videos? Watching them in French can be entertaining and educational at the same time! This way, you can have fun without feeling guilty for wasting your time.

Here are 3 channels that I am following for some time now. The first two (Cyprien and Norman fait des videos) are more entertaining and funny, while the last one (Kaizen Lane) contains content concerning productivity, education, and well-being.


Norman fait des videos

Kaizen Lane


Another great way to improve your French is reading. You can of course read the books, too, but I prepared the list of the resources available on the Internet.

TV5Monde – the news in French

Bonjour de France – a website full of articles in French for all levels

Reading daily will improve your vocabulary tremendously. You will also become familiar with all the grammar structures and see them used in real examples.


RFI – you can find a lot of reading and listening exercises

Correcteur d’orthographe – a useful tool to verify your writing

I hope you found something useful for yourself.
Keep on learning! Bonne chance!

French Language Learning Resources

The list will be regularly updated.

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