Turkish learning: Resources for beginners

Beginner Turkish Resources

So you had this crazy idea to learn Turkish, but you are feeling lost and don’t know where to start?

Let me make it a bit easier for you! Check out the list of beginner-friendly resources down below!

I am only recommending to you the resources that I, myself, have been using and liked.

When I have begun my journey into learning this new and pretty exotic (from my Polish point of view) language, I was not sure where to start. If you are in this position right now – I hope this will be useful to you!



While learning from Duolingo may not be enough to master a language, I think it is a great tool to use when you are just starting your adventure with a language. There is a reason for my streak of 348 days.. ?

Practicing Turkish with Duolingo really helped me a lot, especially when it comes to mastering the use of the numerous suffixes. I must say, it became more natural to me after I heard and used it repeatedly.



Babbel offers some nicely structured Turkish course that will help you understand the basics of this fascinating language. I myself completed the whole Babbel course and I can honestly recommend it! All the content is clearly organized. New vocabulary and grammar are introduced in a well-thought manner. And it contains comments about Turkish culture! That really helps, when you are just starting to learn Turkish. If clarified a lot of confusion for me!



Busuu also offers a Turkish course that will walk you through the levels from A1 to B2. Undoubtedly, the big advantage of this course is the possibility to submit your written or spoken exercises and then get feedback from the native speakers.



When you start to learn a new language, you need to acquire a loooot of new vocabulary. I love to use Memrise for that! There are 7 levels in the Turkish course, starting from the complete basics.



Youtube is not only for entertainment. You can find a lot of educational content there, that will make your learning process interesting and fun!

Learn Turkish with TurkishClass101.com – lots of videos to learn vocabulary, practice pronunciation, and listening

So Turkish – short videos showing “real life” situations. You can learn something new about Turkish culture at the same time!


Let’s learn Turkish – Podcast created by a Turkish girl – Meltem, living in Spain. The episodes contain new vocabulary, grammar, and cultural explanations. Available on Spotify.

Turkish tea time – Podcast created by Justin and Büşra, containing lessons for different levels. Available on iTunes.


For my studying, I am also using the ISTANBUL coursebook.

I admit, learning with apps and podcast is fun, but sometimes you need a bit more explanation. A coursebook helps to understand better the grammatical structures and test your understanding by doing exercises from the workbook.

A very useful tool, whatever your level, is of course a dictionary!
The one that I use is SesliSozluk. You can check the word’s meaning and examples of use in the sentences there. It’s very important to learn new vocabulary in context!

Good luck with your studying! Kolay gelsin!*

*popular Turkish saying, meaning: may it come easy to you

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